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Portable Air Compressor for Car & Bike

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  • Powered by your 12V car cigarette lighter.
  • Equipped with pressure checking gauge.
  • 3 Nozzle adapters for inflating tires, sports and etc.
  • Light-weight & Compact Design, convenience to put it in trunk of car and not occupy any space.
  • Suitable for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, kayaks, ball and other fast inflatable ( not suitable for trucks, SUVs)
  • Easy to use - just plug into your car cigarette lighter for power;slip universal adapter over tire valve and your're ready to inflate.
  • It is good for the emergency needs when you are on highway and countryside road or rush for office on the morning while the tire low pressure.


    • Material:ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
    • Color: Black
    • Voltage: DC 12V
    • Current: 10A
    • Air Pressure: 300 PSI
    • Air flow: 25L/min
    • Cable length: 2M/78.74"
    • Dimensions: 12.5x6.5x11.5cm/4.92x2.56x4.53"


      • Not for Heavy Duty Use. Such as lorry, truck, large SUV. It needs 8 minutes to fill the tires. It can be used when inserting the DC 12V cigarette lighter.
      • 1kg/c㎡=14.2PSI=98.0665kpa
      • 35-40PSI for general tires Basically it will take about 8 minutes for a full inflate.
      • The pressure gauge will start showing you readings after about 3 minutes of inflating.
      • To protect the machine and extend its life, you must give it a break (6-8 minutes) after every 10-15 minutes of use.

      Installation Step:

      • Unscrew the tire cap.
      • The inflatable pump gas nozzle counter tires and forced under pressure.
      • The inflatable pump valve to the direction of the delivery tube 90 degrees.
      • Insert the cigarette lighter to start inflating.

      Packaged included:

      • 1 x 12V Air Compressor Tyre Inflator
      • 2 x Nozzle adapters
      • 1 x Sports needle

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